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Christian M Photoshoot

One light setup

When photographs are captured in a studio, the photographer has control of the composition  and  intensity of light. There are many ways to light a subject’s face, but there are several common lighting plans which are easy enough to describe.

photographer portfolio







In this case I used one light setup. This is a much gentler set-up where the same light source is softened with a diffuser and a reflector. The diffuser will reduce the intensity of the flash and the reflector works by bouncing stray light back onto the unlit side of the face.

photographer portfolio











Ambient Lighting – Lovely Image

Lovely Image

 Aperture F/2.8, fast shutter speed, low ISO and Daylight as withe balance, I framed couple more but she was anxious and moving really quick, glad i was on multiple frames shooting mode.

This is a lovely image and with a little retouch using camera raw I gave the photo her own space in the past.

photographer portfolio
Definition: Ambient lighting is a general illumination that comes from all directions. This type of lighting is in contrast to directional lighting.

There are many different techniques for portrait photography. Often it is desirable to capture the subject’s eyes and face in sharp focus while allowing other less important elements.

in daylight, when you happen to be in shadow areas behind buildings, bridges.
Low Light:
after sunset, but you can tell that it is getting dark.
at night, when you can only see the bright


ISO (sensor sensitivity),to make the sensor collect light faster.

If you are at ISO 100 and your camera is telling you that the shutter is 1/25th of a second, so you will need to increase your ISO to 400. and get a faster  shutter speed of 1/100th of a second to compensate light.