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Portfolio of often works on location, setting studio.
Illustration, design, and Photoshop techniques.
opiniones son apreciadas.
Los retratos son tomados en Los Angeles,

Personal Touch

Digital Photography

Photoshop  filters and blending modes.  This outfit served to show an online presentation.  We choose and outdoor location at Highland Park, because after a photographic session kids don’t hesitate to use the swing or slides as reward. I am one of those photographers that if necessary not to bring more than my camera, I’ll take the opportunity to use natural light as my cross-staff to work with young people, is safe and fast. Children are little things that never stop moving and for more than try they are hard to pose and if they do otherwise you have to be fast.  We obtained the material that the  designer was looking for and as well she was fascinated and thankful to our model.


Digital Photography

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Adorable Dogs – Shih Tzu “Lion Dogs.”



Shih Tzu Breed Of Active, Alert Toy Dog Originating In Tibet Centuries Ago.

It Stands From 8 To 11 In. (20.3–27.9 Cm) High At The Shoulder And

Weighs From 9 To 18 Lb (4.1–8.2 Kg).

Its Double Coat Consists Of A Soft, Woolly Under Layer And A Long, Opaque,

Luxurious Topcoat That May Be Any Color. A Probable Descendant Of The Lhasa Apso,

The Shih Tzu Was Sent As A Gift By The Tibetan Dali Lamas To The Chinese Emperors

As Early As The 16th Cent. In China It Was Crossed With The Pekingese,

Both Breeds Being Referred To There As “Lion Dogs.”

In Its Relatively Short History In The United States, The Shih Tzu Is Gaining In Popularity

As A House Pet And Watchdog.

photographer portfolio

The Shih Tzu is primarily an indoor dog and prefers to spend its time on your lap, you should  not to over feed.

Be sure to feed  wholesome, healthy ingredients and leave out additives.  

Limited  foods to feed include liver and heart, lean cuts of meat, fish, vegetables, rice and pasta.

As well, this dog is delightful, gentle and sweet natured;  is fun-loving and high-spirited with a cheery disposition.

 Shih Tzus have a life expectancy of 12 to 16 years.

Christian M Photoshoot

One light setup

When photographs are captured in a studio, the photographer has control of the composition  and  intensity of light. There are many ways to light a subject’s face, but there are several common lighting plans which are easy enough to describe.

photographer portfolio







In this case I used one light setup. This is a much gentler set-up where the same light source is softened with a diffuser and a reflector. The diffuser will reduce the intensity of the flash and the reflector works by bouncing stray light back onto the unlit side of the face.

photographer portfolio